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Asking Inigo to sit/Quickly controlling followers

You can quickly control any follower by targeting them and holding down your use key (default E). This instantly puts them into command mode. Press your back key (default Tab/Esc) to exit command mode.

Many of Inigo's conversations can only occur when you are both seated. You can use the standard “I need you to do something.” dialogue option to ask him to sit, but this method is a lot faster. Give your follower a moment to accomplish their goal before hitting Tab/Esc. If you exit command mode before they have completed their task they will cancel their objective.
Endorsements from the Press

"I think Inigo is definitely the best follower we have ever showcased on Top 5 Skyrim Mods." - Gamespot

"Grab him if you want a partner like no other." - IGN

"Inigo is a fantastic follower mod that we definitely recommend. We love the attention to detail and Inigo's sense of humour. - Brodual

"...overall he's a 10/10 follower who is sure to make you chuckle..." - LiveStyleGaming

Endorsements from the players

"I have found Inigo being very co-operative since I have 'released him' and his dialogue very fitting at the most opportune times....there are times indeed he has made me laugh out aloud. I still don't like followers in Skyrim. But then Inigo isn't my follower...he is my friend." - breakwind

"This is the best follower i've ever seen in any game period. Even with the limitations of Skyrim the sheer amount of detail and love put into this 
character is astonishing." -

"All I know is, Inigo is the best thing to happen to my Skyrim experience since I first discovered Vilja and realized followers didn't have to be mute and always clinging at my back." - Vamyan

"I was just floored. I didn't even know Inigo would be aware of Meeko, much less that he'd have dialogue just for him specifically to be said when I'm NOT around to hear it! It really knocked my socks off." - CaptainArbitrary

"Inigo is wrong. Kajiit don't look like that, talk like that, voice acting is baaaaaaaad imo, and they normally funny to hang with. Indigo is not fun he is a waste of time. Learn something before you ebarass yourself with work like this!" - A Smelly Troll