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When is V3 coming out?

When it's good and ready. There's simply no way I can predict when such a massive undertaking will be complete. I'm spending all the time I can afford to on Inigo and his quest will be done when it's done... even if I'm the only one still playing Skyrim by the time it's finished.    

Inigo's quest isn't progressing after I received the spell.

Currently this mini quest (Bad Vibrations) is as far as his story goes. It is an introduction to future events and ends when you receive a certain spell. Inigo's quest will continue and end in V3. Make sure you sit somewhere safe with Inigo and have a chat once Bad Vibrations is complete. There's a little more to take care of. I also suggest you revisit L's cabin from time to time. There's a lot more content there than you may realize at first.

Inigo is not healing himself after completing The Only Cure quest
First make sure to try an un-modded temple. If a temple does not have the correct keywords attached then Inigo's healing scene will not fire.
Make sure you're not talking to Inigo as soon as you enter. If you interrupt the scene it will cancel for safety reasons. Exiting, then re-entering the temple will cause the scene to fire again. This is the most common reason for the scene not firing. Let him do his thing and don't interrupt him. If the scene is working he'll talk as soon as you enter a valid temple.

If none of the above works his scenes may be stuck blocking all others. See the next section, titled “Inigo's scenes are stuck - he's not singing his improvised song when asked, etc.” 

Inigo's scenes are stuck - he's not singing his improvised song when asked, etc.
Other mods trapping npcs can cause this problem, but assuming Inigo is the issue in your case open the console, click on Inigo, type "sv", then hit enter. Scroll through the whole list (using PgUp/PgDown). There are several quests that should be there but if you see any of these on the list:

- InigoNpcChat1 or ...1B / ...1C / ...1D / ...1E / ...1F / ...1G
- InigoChildrenTalk1 or InigoChildrenTalk2
- InigoInnKeeper
- InigoBeggar
- InigoShopping

...while Inigo is stuck (not reacting to the "move it" whistle, not singing songs etc.), then something has prevented a quest scene from shutting down. If this is the case, type "stopquest ", for example "stopquest inigonpcchat1f". This will get him unstuck again. If he gets stuck again later, just repeat this. If you discover that a quest from another mod is the problem then the same method works. I recommend you research/enquire what you're shutting down on the relevant mod page before taking action.

Special Edition:

This problem can be manually fixed through dialogue should it occur in the SE version (as long as it's one of Inigo's scenes that is sticking). All random Inigo dialogue quests can be shut down manually with an option that appears at the top of his main topic list if one of them is running when it shouldn't. "Snap out of it, Inigo. You're stuck in a conversation that's not taking place." If an Inigo quest gets stuck for some reason it'll be the top option available in his dialogue. If his scenes are stuck and this option is not in his dialogue then another mod is the issue and you should use the 'sv' command as outlined in the previous paragraph to diagnose the problem.

Note: If you happen to interrupt any of the scenes by talking to Inigo, the reset dialogue option will be visible for a moment before vanishing - this is not a bug.

Inigo draws his bow but does not fire it

There have been various reports of Visible Favourited Gear causing this issue with companions. From the VFG posts page -

"If you unequip and then re-equip Inigo's weapons, the problem goes away UNTIL he switches weapons during combat. After that, the bug persists. If you uninstall the mod (VFG), load your save, unequip Inigo of his weapons, dismiss, then have him follow you again and equip him, the problem does not persist. He behaves normally and is only ever seen having only one weapon equipped."

Another post, this time from the VFG mod author - 

"Indeed it's a bug with in-game setting, so I don't think there is much can be done here."

It's not Inigo's fault. 

Inigo lost his head in Black Briar House!