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Make sure you watch the Inigo User Guide Video! It covers most of his options and features with visual examples and contains a lot of useful info about various aspects of the mod. It's relevant for any version after V2 no matter what platform you happen to be using.

Read the book Inigo gives you shortly after leaving Riften – The Power of Whistling. The whistle ability lets you control him in a number of useful ways. It's not a teleport, but it does refresh his ai, move him out of your way, change his aggression, stop friendly fights, ask him to follow, wait, and relax, and can be used to instantly put him into command mode. See the User Guide Video for examples, but read the book too. It explains features not covered in the video and understanding how his whistle power works will give you a tactical edge in a variety of situations.

Take a break with Inigo every now and then. Inigo has many conversations and lines that will only fire when you are both seated in a safe area (certain conversations will only appear in certain types of locations: player homes, inns, etc). Direct Inigo to a chair near another chair, wait for his sitting animation to complete, then join him. You can do this in a number of ways – You can whistle (read The Power of Whistling for details), you can command him through the “I need you to do something.” dialogue option, or you can ask him to relax (using the whistle or the dialogue option found under “Mind if I ask you something?”) and sit near wherever he decides to sit. Followers tend to have trouble with bench/table combinations, often standing as soon as you use them, so stick to chairs, normal benches, and stools.

Ask Inigo his thoughts. Inigo has almost a thousand possible thoughts so it's worth clicking the “Any thoughts?” option every now and then, especially if you're relaxing somewhere safe together or in the middle of an interesting area, quest, or situation. If his thoughts seem to dry up don't worry. They are individually conditioned based on what you've done, what you're doing, and what's going on. Asking again later will yield more results.

Pay attention. The more you pay attention and interact with Inigo based on what you observe the more content you'll unlock. Personally I don't like relationship systems. Instead Inigo develops using a number of hidden quests which record certain things you do, places you visit, dialogue choices you make, etc. These records don't add up to any kind of relationship value you can monitor, instead they alter his future responses to relevant situations. There's no wrong or right way to deal with this system, but the more you interact with Inigo the more lines you unlock based on the choices you've made. He's formed by the memories you make together.

Don't forget about Mr Dragonfly. Inigo is very attached to the little guy and putting him in Inigo's inventory will unlock hundreds of new potential lines. If you want to learn how Inigo met Mr D sit and talk with him in a player home once you've settled the matter of your shared past.