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All Mod/Patch links listed Alphabetically by Link title/content
(Most of these are only applicable to Oldrim version,
Vilja is an exception where both versions are listed)
(Make sure you click on the correct version for your install!      )

NB: All hyperlinks are in this colour, click the coloured text (apart from this description)
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Use Auto Unequip Shield to Back?

Sthaagg made a patch for off-Vanilla followers like Inigo. Yay!



Use Wiseman303's Flora Fixes?

Wiseman303 kindly created a patch for the nests added by Inigo.

Download Link


Inigo MCM by CDCooley

Allows you to set a dedicated Whistle Hotkey. Quickly alter Inigo's speed, damage, and carry capacity. Recover lost items... and much more!
If you use SKSE and SkyUI (not compatible with SSE) check it out! 


Use Non-Automatic Skill Books?

Kelsenellenelvianan kindly added an Inigo patch.

Get it on the NASB page


Use Requiem? Get the Requiem Patch you need.


Translations (see note at the end of this section for more information)


Emma and SBC have written a large number of scenes between their characters and SBC thinks

that the results turned out pretty well.
A massive thank you to Emma for getting this Craziness to actually work! If you haven't done so already, now is a great time to give Vilja a try.
After a short time together you'll be able to introduce Vilja to Inigo and they'll then start participating in conversations together on a wide variety of subjects!  


INIGO Fan FB Group

Wolfkitty has started a Facebook group for friends of Inigo - Go take a look (link above)


Note on Translations:

"Can I translate Inigo?"
PM SBC if you think you can.
Be warned, Inigo frequently uses wordplay, rhyming, and phrases with multiple meanings.
This makes translation tricky.
He also has over 7000 lines as of V2.1.
You'll need to be genuinely fluent in English and a bit of a creative linguist.