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Inigo's Custom Options

All of Inigo's custom options can be accessed by asking 'Mind if I ask you something?' Some features are unlocked after you've spent a certain amount of time with him, others are context sensitive.


Inigo is an accomplished warrior. His combat stats are not that high, but he does have a lot of health and stamina. He also has a few combat perks that give him an edge in battle. If you think he's overpowered, try swapping his weapons for lower end equipment before attempting to alter him in the Creation Kit.

Remember,your game's difficulty setting determines how powerful everyone is. If you're playing on a higher difficulty Inigo (and everyone else) will do more damage. 

About your aggression...

You can ask Inigo to be aggressive or unaggressive. This setting will largely determine when he chooses to fight. You can set his aggression using this topic or by whistling (see the whistling section below for more detail).

Fight whenever you like.

Inigo is aggressive by default. In this state he will attack enemies on sight and he won't leave a battle until it is over. He ismore likely to break cover and attack in this mode, but he's also more likely to save you from an attack you didn't see coming.

Try to only fight when it's necessary.

When set to unaggressive Inigo is far less likely to break cover while sneaking. You can also lead him away from combat. These behaviours are handled by a number of procedures that override his combat in certain situations. 

When you are sneaking and an enemy is searching for you near by, Inigo will stand and bare his teeth instead of launching an attack. He will not fight unless your party has been spotted or hurt.

If you are sneaking and he breaks cover while set to unaggressive someone in your party was spotted or attacked. Remember that while Inigo's sneak skill is high, you're both more visible at lower levels. Armour enchanted with Fortify Sneak or Muffle can make a big difference.

A note on aggression and weapon states
Sheathe your weapon during combat while Inigo is unaggressive and he will usually stop fighting and run to your position.

When Inigo is set to unaggressive and you are both at full health Inigo will never engage an enemy while your weapon is away. He will continue to follow you instead of fighting.

When your weapon is sheathed and Inigo's health is between 40% and 99% he will still follow you in combat, but if you stop moving while the fight is going on he will defend your position. If his health falls below 40% he will always stop following and defend himself. If you see Inigo attempt to engage then draw back repeatedly chances are you have your weapon away and he is unaggressive. Draw your weapon to let him off his leash... as it were.

About your fighting style...

Inigo is skilled in one handed and archery. He performs equally well in either heavy or light armour. He does not use magic. You can ask him to use one of three custom fighting styles...

RangedInigo will favour the bow and try to keep some distance between himself and the enemy. 

CloseInigo will favour melee weapons and engage enemies face to face when possible.

Mixed (default) – Inigo will use both ranged and close attacks. 

Inigo will occasionally override his ranged and close fighting styles to get the job done if necessary.

When you ask him to be unaggressive he won't attack things on sight any more, but he will still jump into combat if either you or he have been spotted by an attacker. Your sneak level/buffs will largely determine when this happens.

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