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Follow distance

By default Inigo follows you closely - at around 256 units. This is in line with the minimum distance used by vanilla companions. You can ask him to follow further behind - at around 390 units. At this distance he is less likely to bump into you, but he may have a harder time keeping up. Inigo moves faster than vanilla companions. If he's lagging behind your group check his follow distance.


You can gift Inigo any vanilla horse you own. You may be able to give him certain horses added by other mods but it is suggested you choose a steed from the main game. Inigo will name his horse and has unique dialogue for every official breed. He also recognises Frost and Shadowmere.

I want to give you a horse, Inigo.

The option to gift a horse will appear when you are standing near a horse you own under "Mind if I ask you something?". You can trade steeds with Inigo if you'd rather swap. This option will appear when you are standing near the horse you intend to give him. You can tell Inigo to disown his current horse completely at any time. You don't need to be near his steed for this option to appear.

Can't give Inigo a horse?

You need to own the steed you want to give Inigo. If you cheat and spawn a horse he won't recognise it. 

Target the horse, open the console, click on it and type:


Then hit enter, exit the console, and try gifting Inigo the steed again.

You ride I'll walk./Let's continue on foot.

You can ask Inigo to ride while you walk. This option appears at the bottom of the main topic window if he's not already riding alone. If he is riding while you walk, the option to continue on foot appears at the bottom of the main topic window. You can also toggle this behaviour by using the activate key on Inigo's horse when your weapon is unequipped.

When Inigo has been asked to ride alone he will dismount if there's trouble or if you start sneaking. He will mount back up once you are standing safe with your weapon away. If he doesn't mount up again fast enough, re-equip then unequip your weapon to get his attention.

Setting Inigo's steed to follow or wait.

You can set Inigo's steed to follow him at distance or to stay put. Toggle this option by using the activate key on Inigo's horse when your weapon is equipped. A message at the top left side of your screen will let you know if Inigo's steed is following him or not.

Occasionally you may notice Inigo briefly stand on the back of his horse while dismounting. This is a not a bug, it is a reliable way for the system to get him down in a hurry in certain situations.

Horses and combat.

When Inigo is riding and your weapon is sheathed he will try to ignore combat. If you draw your weapon he will dismount. His steed will run to a safe distance until the fight is over, or until Inigo has escaped the battle if you choose to flee.What Inigo does after dismounting depends on your weapon state and his aggression (see the combat/aggression section of this video for more info). 


To set if Inigo can ride in your current location open the console and type:

setpqvInigoStatus Steed Allow     


setpqv InigoStatus Steed Forbid

Erik: This is the life. Wind, the out doors and adventure

Inigo: He He He, I hope your horse doesn't buck, Britania

Vilja: Why do I have to ride back here in the dust.

Screenshot and commentary by our wonderful
Naramoore /DSavage56