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Inigo can relax in almost any safe area. When he's relaxing he'll use any available idle markers and furniture near by, unless they are owned by someone else. He will relax indefinitely.


Inigo's random chatter does not fire at pre-determined intervals. It's entirely conditioned based. He may be chatty one day then quieter the next. He has thousands of lines, many of which relate to choices you make during your time together. Others are determined by skill, quest progress, gender, race, current level and various other factors.

You can never hear everything, but much of what you do hear will be tailored to you.

Could we have less idle chitchat, please?

This lowers the number of idle chatter lines available. He will be less chatty, but he will still randomly talk from time to time. Have him wear the Necklace of Muffletongue (found in his cell) to shut him up completely. Ingio is more likely to talk when he is near you and many of his travelling lines won't fire outside of the main Skyrim worldspace. 

I'd rather you didn't talk to other people while we are adventuring together.

When this has been selected Inigo won't trigger conversations with other characters unless they are important to his story. Conversations added by other companion mods, such as Vilja, are unaffected by this option. 

KNOWN ISSUE (Fixed): In V2.2 when asking Inigo to talk to NPCs the response "Yes. Good idea. I enjoy getting to know people." has no script attached (oops!). Just ask Inigo the question again until the option "I'd rather you didn't talk to other people while we are adventuring together." shows up. This issue was fixed in V2.3.

About scenes with NPCs

Inigo is more likely to talk to you other companions when you are travelling across Skyrim, but certain scenes can occur in inns and player homes too. Your other companion must be actively following you for these scenes to fire. Currently Inigo has scenes with Lydia, J'zargo, Mjoll, Erik, Kharjo, Meeko, Vigilance... and a number of other random NPCs who are not followers.

If a character alias has been cleared by another mod or some such, you can refresh the aliases by opening the console and typing:

stopquest inigonpcchatmain

Hit return then type:

startquest inigonpcchatmain

Hit return and exit the console.

Disparity users: There seems to be an issue with Disparity altering some of the values Inigo checks when deciding whether or not to play certain scenes with other npcs. As long as you disable the Racial Disparity Health/Magicka/Stamina option the interactions work correctly.

Try to fight quietly when I'm sneaking (on by default).

In this mode Inigo will try to keep his mouth shut during combat if you are being stealthy. He will still comment when a fight is over, but he will do it quietly. Quest related combat lines are not muted by this option. If you hear him say something while fighting in this mode it probably moved a quest stage forward somewhere.
Beowulf1976 has so many favourite Inigo images, I think it equates to almost all of them. 

Beautiful sky with a beautiful cat in the image, not forgetting J'Zargo, he'd never forgive us if we didn't name him here.

J'Zargo is one of the few choice companions that Inigo interacts with!