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Mini quest (activation and length)

Select 'Tell me more about your past.' to learn about Inigo's journey so far. You can listen to his story in one go or a little at a time. It won't repeat until it's finished. Once his tale is told, it will disappear from the topic window unless you are seated somewhere safe with Inigo. If you've heard about Inigo's past and discovered his brother's name a short quest can begin at random while you're adventuring across Skyrim. 

Currently this mini quest is as far as his story goes. It is an introduction to future events and ends when you receive a certain spell. Finish the quest if you want to get the most out of Inigo. Completing it unlocks a lot of additional content and the reward is very useful. Inigo's quest will continue and end in V3.

Map marker

Inigo has his own map marker. It can be activated shortly after you meet him. The first time you talk to Inigo in the main Skyrim worldspace he will add the marker to your map.

You can turn it off and on using your journal.