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V2.3 is here!

V2.3 fixes all known V2.2 issues, adds a few hundred new lines, and adds more whistle functionality. See the change log and the whistling section below for more info.

FAQs and info for older versions of Inigo can be found in this section under 'FAQ and info for earlier versions of INIGO'
(will provide link when created the topic)

Upgrade instructions

1. Get him out of the control of other mods (UFO, AFT, etc) and make sure he isn't riding, waiting, relaxing, or following Vilja.
2. Save the game using the Save menu and then quit to the desktop.
3. If you previously used Inigo on Steam remember to unsubscribe from the workshop version.
4. Replace the Inigo.esp and Inigo.bsa files with the new versions.
5. For those of you who use any kind of patcher, ASIS etc, be sure to re-run your patcher.
6. Restart the game and continue from the save you made.

Step 1 is the critical part. He is completely removed from the standard game factions, if other mods (including Vilja) are still trying to affect him then they are going to get confused when he's no longer in those factions. It's fine if he is actively following you, sitting in the Riften jail, or even walking back to the jail.

NOTE: When you next save your game do not overwrite the save you created in step two. Make a new one so you can always go back if something goes wrong. This is a good idea when installing any mod.

Papyrus log activity when updating - When upgrading an existing save game there will be a second or two of scary looking Papyrus log activity. Worry not. This is normal and after saving all future loads should be message free.

SMF users
- If you want to use both Inigo and kuertee's Simple Multiple Followers mod you need to turn off the SMF feature that automatically detects all teammates as followers. With that feature turned on Inigo is getting automatically set as one of SMF's special followers (and so is Inigo's horse). This can interfere with his AI and quests.

The SMF INI file setting you want to change is: userTeammatesAreFollowers = false 
You can also use the console command: setpqv kuSMFQ userTeammatesAreFollowers 0
And there should be a matching MCM option if you use SkyUI.

Just turn off that feature and dismiss Inigo (and his horse) as an SMF special follower and everything should be fine. If you don't you will likely run into issues with Inigo's AI and quests.

WARNING: Do not try to control Inigo with options
from other mods.
You will break his brain!