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Where is he?

You will find Inigo in Riften Jail. He's next to Sibbi Black-Briar in the first cell on your left.

Keep an eye out for notes referring to Inigo on your travels.
If your character needs a reason to visit the jail they may give you the excuse you require.
Inigo is technically not a prisoner.
You don't have to pick the lock to his cell.
Read the letter on the table on your way in to learn more.

The small clips shown on the pages of the guide MAY contain spoilers (some definitely do) and may or will contain parts of the game you have not yet seen.

We do not take any responsibility for your choosing to look at the videos, in case you feel it ruins your game/playthrough.

All video clips belong to Colin Burton (he's a member of our wonderful Inigo community)

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Any screenshots used are taken from the playthrough with Inigo, by Beowulf1976, unless otherwise stated.

Inigo discusses both his Brother and his Ebony weapons.
Inigo sings 3 different mining songs! 
One of my favourite of all the armours I have placed Inigo in, during my playthrough.
A merry band of bards. (Lydia, Inigo and I)