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Where is Inigo heading?

First of all a massive thank you to everyone who’s been playing with Inigo. I’m so glad that he’s found such an appreciative, supportive, and may I say good looking audience here on the Nexus. Thank you all for your patience while waiting for V2.0 and an extra big thank you to all the people that have been helping troubleshoot other users issues. You guys are fantastic. I’d love to work on Inigo 24/7 but unfortunately free time is currently an issue. That said I will be adding to Inigo whenever I get the chance. Hopefully this is just the beginning. I thought I’d quickly outline my plans for Inigo.

There's a substantial adventure completely planned out for Inigo. Completing the series of quests that make up his story is my number one priority (V3).
Once that's done I'll consider adding DLC relevant lines for Dragonborn and Dawnguard.

There are never a shortage of ideas just the time to implement them, so with every future update I'll always add a bit more dialogue - more thoughts, idles, reactions, combat chatter, etc.
Thanks again to everyone out there who is adventuring with Inigo. Be well and take good care of Mr Dragonfly.