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Whistling allows you to quickly communicate with Inigo using a single button. It can be used to control his aggression, break up fights, move him out of your way, and to signal that it's time to go if he is waiting or relaxing. To gain even more control over the whistle and many other aspects of Inigo make sure you grab CdCooley's amazing INIGO MCM.- Not available in SE version due to SKSE64 not being available yet. Please read Power of Whistling book that Inigo gave you for an in-game break down of the power's functionality. Or, if you'd prefer to have it read to you with Hell Hunts beautiful and dulcet tones, check out her page on the website here.

How do I whistle to Inigo? 

A short time after you have given your opinion on his map marker Inigo will give you a book about whistling. You will also gain a new power
called Whistle to Inigo. The book outlines a few ways whistling can be used to quickly communicate. The power lets you whistle.

Asking Inigo to follow

Whistle when Inigo is either waiting or relaxing and he will rejoin you. This works at almost any distance.

Altering Inigo's aggression

Whistling with your weapon equipped will set Inigo to aggressive. Whistling with your weapon away will set him to unaggressive. If Inigo is participating in a battle, whistling will always set him to unaggressive whether your weapon is sheathed or not. How he behaves in combat while unaggressive depends on your weapon state (see the aggression section above for more info).

Stopping accidental fights

Whistling when Inigo is in a fight briefly interrupts his combat and makes him re-evaluate the situation. This is a useful way to break up accidental scraps between Inigo and other members of your party. If he is still being attacked he will defend himself for as long as your weapon state allows it.

Asking Inigo to move

If you are close to Inigo when you whistle he will try to give you some space. This behaviour is only valid when Inigo is not in a scene, he is following you, and your weapon state matches his aggression.

Getting Inigo's attention

Sometimes followers stand still for a while after a fight or conversation. Whistling refreshes Inigo's AI and gets him moving again immediately.

If a companion is stuck in an area with bad/absent nav mesh they may be unable to follow you. Crouching then standing again, or simply walking away, will
often free them.If all else fails fast travel or wait an hour to unstick them.

Asking Inigo to enter command mode, wait, or relax.

You can get Inigo into command mode by whistling while looking down at the ground. Once he's in command mode use the 'use' key as usual to issue your request. To ask Inigo to wait or relax simply look at him and whistle when you are within speaking distance. In safe areas you can toggle between waiting and relaxing by repeating the whistle. In homes and inns he will default to relax mode first.

Inigo's whistle response

If Inigo responds to your whistle with silence, a whistle of his own, or a random comment, he is following and his aggression already matches your current weapon state. 

Some things to remember about whistling

In most cases Inigo is controlled by your whistle NOT by his response.Usually he will acknowledge a command vocally, but not always. Don't worry, he probably got the message.

Inigo will never vocally respond to your whistle when he is in a scene. Scenes control conversations with other NPCs, songs, and Inigo's behaviour during small sections of his quest.

One whistle can issue multiple commands. For example, if you signal him to follow and your weapon state has changed since your last whistle, he will alter his aggression AND start following.

Whistling is classed as a power - so you can't use it while riding or sitting. This is not a bug.
Screenshot from Naramoore/DSavage56